4 Benefits of a CRM for Your Logistics Business

A logistics firm can’t do without a capable CRM in this day and age. It’s like trying to run a catering business without the proper transport. The sheer volume of cargo being shipped throughout the world today requires a CRM to juggle all that data. There’s no way someone can crunch the customer data and gain insights into their customer base without a capable CRM. And without insights, it’s just not possible that a logistics firm can grow to cater to its customer base.

Here are 4 benefits of a CRM for your logistics business.

Customer Data Integration 

It’s a well-known fact that one of the most important aspects in logistics business nowadays is data integration, in particular when it comes to front and back office integration.  Integrating CRM with your back office systems can be difficult at times because not all pieces fit together seamlessly. The key challenges often don’t refer to technical issues but more to unfitting data logic and business rules.

However, if you successfully ensure that data flows properly between the two parts, the benefits will be enormous:

  • Know more about your customers and what they want
  • Increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns
  • Be more productive and efficient (e.g. automating tasks transitions)
  • Increase efficiencies between sales and ops departments
  • Improve customer service and retention rates


Efficient Data Management

With a capable CRM, your logistics firm can get all the necessary information to monitor and organize various processes towards customer expectations. These are besides the typical sales and deal management tasks. A capable CRM will go beyond the typical email and excel sheet, and organize customer information to give you key insights.

Besides catering to a broad and diverse customer base, CRM systems will provide detailed information for each customer. It will allow you to learn about current and completed transactions, accepted commercial offers, and payment information. With key insights, you will be able to generate more opportunities and boost sales as well as efficiency.


Optimized Digital Interactions

With a CRM, your digital interactions with your customers, whether marketing, sales or service related, will be optimized. You can manage a larger volume of requests and more efficient cater to potential clients. Try to imagine how many interactions take place today during a customer journey and multiply this by the number of your contacts.

With optimized digital interactions, you can significantly improve this and better connect with multiple customers to provide them with any type of updates and offers. That way, you can always seize a window of opportunity without needing to prioritize. Since the CRM does that for you, you can simply act on the insights it generates.

This will help you improving customer experience and conversion rates as well as reducing customer churn and increase customer lifetime value. Become a digital hero compared to competitors who are still using outdated methods.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Avoiding purchasing multiple systems or too expensive ones that will never justify their ROI, is the first and best way to achieve reduced total cost of ownership.

With a fully integrated CRM application at your disposal, you can reduce the total cost of running your business by having more efficient pre-sales to after-sales activities. In essence, you can reduce the total cost of ownership as well as manage your resources better and direct them to more productive tasks.

For example, you can give your employees more productive responsibilities or direct funds to more lucrative endeavors. You can also improve your company’s workflow so that more projects are carried out more efficiently. All in all, a CRM can boost sales and productivity and reduce costs; a winning combination.



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