Drive Logistics Sales and Marketing Success with Powerful Analytics

Networcx features a powerful platform to provide you with the insights and data-driven strategies you need to drive sales and marketing success in the logistics and transportation industry.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Powerful Analytics tailored to the logistics businesses with built-in intelligence. Turn your data into facts and knowledge with our state-of-the-art analytics, dashboards, and more. Take advantage of the most comprehensive logistics CRM in the market.


Data is the cornerstone of driving growth in today’s competitive logistics industry. We transform your data into valuable insights, actionable analytics, and state-of-the-art dashboards.

Powerful Reports

Networcx can transform your numbers, figures, and measurements into visual information and present it in a meaningful way. Visualizing your marketing campaign, leads, sales, and customer behavior data can make them engaging, actionable, and easier for you to understand.

Easily connect with your multi-data sources

Networcx offers an easy-to-use API integration that will help make your life easier by giving you access to the data and insights that have been most influential in driving growth. You’ll be able to combine data from multiple sources and analyze it using a range of analytical tools.


Be more effective in your day-to-day logistics business operations and get a clear picture of what is happening by integrating all the different data sources you use.

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

A tailor-made solution for logistics

Create and Visualize 360° of Your Data

Networcx enables you to create and visualize 360° of your data, so you can get a holistic understanding of where there may be gaps in coverage or issues with accuracy.  You’ll be able to create visually compelling reports and dashboards that help you make informed decisions.

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