Logistics Lead Generation and Campaign Management Solution

Networcx offers the ultimate solution for logistics and transportation companies looking to supercharge their lead generation and campaign management efforts. Launch exciting marketing campaigns, manage leads, and turns leads into customers – all in one place.

Logistics Campaign Management Made Easy

Everything you need to run successful campaigns is in one place.  With Networcx, you can view, manage, and take action on campaign priorities.

Networcx campaigns can be used in marketing processes throughout the marketing cycle. Campaigns help you organize your marketing plan and resources. In addition, when you efficiently configure your campaign records, they contain valuable data that you can use to optimize your future efforts.

With campaign functionalities from Networcx, you can keep track of the campaign budget, number of leads (customers or prospects), their responses, number of open sales, and number of closed sales, and calculate and track return on investment (ROI) with just a few clicks.

  • Easily create and run campaigns in one place
  • Manage tasks to drive your campaigns successfully
  • Seamlessly communicate and collaborate with everyone involved
  • Manage all marketing channels in one place
  • Get a complete overview of your campaign workload at any time

Manage Logistics Leads All-in-one place

Use Networcx lead management software to classify and rank your leads. Customize your lead approach without going into depth.

All touch points with your leads from marketing, sales, customer care, and other areas are integrated through the contact database. Your staff and customer teams can make smart follow-up decisions because you have a single source of information that provides the full context of a lead’s history.

You can quickly build targeted lists, automate email campaigns, and grow your database when all your contact information is in one place. Integrate up-to-date contact information, develop forms to convert website visitors into leads and expand your database, and add an infinite number of custom fields to capture important lead information. Use the built-in data quality tools to automatically cleanse and improve your data. Finally, you can break down contact lists by the information you collect, such as properties, website visits, email traffic, and more.

From lead capture to close, Networcx’s lead management system lets you measure the impact of your marketing efforts on your sales pipeline across all channels, including social media.

  • Interact with your leads directly from the CRM contact record
  • Use automation and templates to simplify customer service
  • Keep your database organized without using low-quality data tools
  • Use automated lead scoring to convert more leads into opportunities

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

A tailor-made solution for logistics

Campaign Assets and Contents

Customize the assets in the account engagement. From asset administration to content personalization and reuse, Account Engagement provides the tools you need to reach out to your customers. Build your team and empower them to apply email marketing best practices through an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. With professional and well-designed campaign assets and informative content, you can enhance your brand’s credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

You have linked your assets and content to a campaign, you can use the Campaign Assets page to get a view of all assets, including content overviews and status. On the Campaign Assets page, you can also edit and delete existing assets, giving you control over your activities at all times.

  • Increase ROI on email campaign
  • Save time by using pre-built email templates
  • Boost sales by attracting new customers, engaging existing ones, and converting leads to customers.
  • Raise brand/product/service awareness, increasing potential customer recognition and recall.

Buyer Personas and Experience

Buyer personas aid marketers in comprehending their target audience, leading to improved customer experiences and more effective marketing campaigns. They provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, allowing for customized products and services. Understanding the user journey also involves identifying pain points and implementing solutions to enhance the customer experience. By understanding the motivations, needs, goals, and attitudes of a particular customer group, companies can create more impactful marketing messages and develop stronger relationships with their audience.

Targeting customers at the appropriate points in their individual buying journeys can help you save time and make better use of your resources. That’s why at Networcx we’ve targeted Buyer Personas. Personas are defined characters that reflect the desires, goals, and behavioural patterns of your target audience. Networcx’s persona contact attribute allows you to target specific demographics and organize your contacts.

  • With a Buyer Persona, you can better understand your target customer and address their needs
  • With a Buyer Persona, you can target your marketing activities more effectively and efficiently.
  • With the help of Buyer Personas, you can easily segment customers and serve them accordingly
  • Buyer personas help you to establish the right contacts with your target market at the right
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