Collaborate Efficiently and Drive Success in Logistics with Networcx CRM

Networcx CRM is designed to streamline your processes, enhance communication, and empower your teams and partners to work together seamlessly. By harnessing the potential of internal and external collaboration, Networcx CRM enables logistics and freight forwarding businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth.

Key Collaboration Features of Our Logistics CRM

Collaboration is at the heart of business success for logistics companies. Networcx’s freight forwarding and logistics CRM offers a comprehensive set of collaboration features designed specifically for logistics and freight forwarding businesses. It’s tailored to the challenges in logistics and offers, for example, the possibility to easily synchronize your mails with Outlook. Our CRM empowers you to:

Real-time Communication

Seamlessly communicate with your team, partners, and customers from one place. Effortlessly send messages, share updates, and discuss tasks .

Task Management and Assignment

Easily assign and track tasks within a centralized system. Assign, prioritize, and monitor tasks with ease ensuring increased productivity.

Document and File Sharing

Share, store, and collaborate on important documents and files securely. Benefit from our logistics CRM enabling seamless collaboration.

Shared Contact and Lead Management

Share customer contacts and leads across your logistics organization. Networcx enables unified customer interactions and smooth collaboration.

Collaborate Internally and Externally

Establish proper communication internally and with your partners, including tasks, events, notifications and real-time chats.

The NX solution involves all stakeholders in the company. Colleagues can be easily involved and the information is also available in the follow-up.

Our solution enables and actively promotes exchange with customers and other partners. Simple and straightforward.

Outlook Synchronization

Collaborate and share email with colleagues, clients, and partners. Send and receive emails from your work or personal account in one spot. Share updates with teammates without copying everyone who is involved in the activities.

Import emails from Outlook into Networcx and share them with your team to ensure proper customer knowledge and insights.

Create knowledge and interact with your colleagues. Promote transparent communication across all channels.

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

A tailor-made solution for logistics

Create your Knowledge Library

The knowledge library in Networcx can be used to create a central and trusted place for templates, best practices, tips and tricks, contracts, news and insights.

Provide the best templates, leverage lessons learned from successful projects, and make sure everyone has access.

Use and improve their content constantly. Make sure that the content is relevant and up-to-date.

Personal and Team Event Management

Collaboration calendars help you plan, communicate and coordinate your activities with colleagues. They can be used in teams of any size or structure to organize daily tasks and meetings.

Schedule and update calendar events to support your business activities. You can use the calendar to share customer calls and visits to easily inform your colleagues and your manager.

Easily collaborate with your team and colleagues by sharing plans and schedules and automatically notifying them of their status. 

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