End-To-End Experience

Networcx is the all-in-one solution for logistics companies seeking end-to-end visibility and functionality.

See The Big Picture

The last few years have shown how critical it is for companies to achieve excellence in end-to-end commercial operations. Networcx helps customers achieve commercial innovation in terms of digital capabilities and process execution – from brand awareness to customer engagement.








Networcx is the commercial end-to-end solution that enables logistics companies to achieve transparency and automation throughout the customer lifecycle. It covers all key processes from lead to opportunity, opportunity to quote, quote to order, order to case, planning to performance, and performance achievement to reward.

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

A tailor-made solution for logistics

Manage Your People

Driving the people side of the equation means providing continuous guidance and feedback and unlocking the potential of people throughout the organization.

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Plan your commercial activities and set sales goals for individuals, teams and customers.


Set the right business rules and incentives to achieve your growth goals each year.


Measure and manage your people based on reliable facts and real-time data.


Identify underperformers and overperformers and keep your talents with the right rewards.

End-To-End Is The Best Choice

End-to-end commercial excellence delivers impressive value to businesses – including cost reduction and sales effectiveness.

Collaborate Effectively

Create a collaborative environment for increased sales and customer experience. Have your staff collaborate on opportunities, quotes, RFQs, and service cases.

Integrate With Anything

Integration with third-party tools and internal back-office systems has never been easier. Give your employees end-to-end data at their fingertips.

Increase Employee Productivity

Avoid assigning your staff to routine and non-value-added tasks. Automate and accelerate your team's workflow from start to finish.

Create 360° Views

View customer activity and success from the awareness to retention phase and get a holistic view that strengthens your commercial activities.

Engage Customers Everywhere

Allow your customers to interact with you across all touchpoints, from web channels to the mobile app. Understand customers throughout their entire customer journey.

Manage Buying Experience

Introduce fundamentally new ways of marketing, sales and service and create a new buying experience for your prospects and customers.

Scale Customized Marketing

Reach the right customer with the right message through the right channel. Make personalization the norm for your marketing activities.

Accelerate Sales Delivery​

Give your commercial department the right tools, data and analytics and guide sales activities with the right planning, execution and rewards.

Create Service Experience

Ensure flawless business implementation and handover to operations. Delight your customers every day before someone else does.

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