Technology Integration for Logistics Companies

With the right technology and data integration, you can maximize the value of your processes and people so you can quickly benefit from productivity and visibility improvements.

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the technology integration

Networcx Integration connects and synchronizes your business and customer data with other applications and data sources (e.g. Transport Management System such as CocoonOps, Warehouse Management System, Supply Chain Management data or other Logistics Management Systems). Networcx integration provides you with a unified view of information from different data sources in real time, regardless of whether the data originates from CRM, ERP or other systems. 

The importance of integration with Networcx is that it increases the efficiency of business processes and workflows and improves collaboration between your marketing, sales, and service teams.

your benefits

Transparency. Visibility. Insights.

Don’t let your knowledge get locked up in data silos. API integration is the way to go! 


Every integration process starts with the assessment of systems to be integrated and mapping out a strategy.


Build fast and keep the implementation stage short to avoid challenges relating to possible changes in the integration process.


Use the advantage of having your technology integration maintained by professionals that ensures your integration works flawlessly.

How we can help

Technology integration is a great way to boost productivity and improve the workflows of your company. To ensure that data flows seamlessly between all the components below four key elements to consider:
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Ensure data governance

Support diverse data quality and governance activities by creating and improving relevant data management frameworks and processes, but also by challenging your established practices.

Achieve quick wins and create value

Achieve a unified view of data to gain actionable insights based on all of the organization's data assets, regardless of the original source or format. Don't plan for perfection and try to achieve short-term gains.

Use the right integration approach

Enable the creation of a platform that gives you a data integration approach that supports day-to-day marketing, sales and service operations and decision making.

Ensure proper data maintainance

Once you are ready to generate and use data in your commercial organization, the challenge is to ensure its continued integrity before it is processed or fed into reporting and analytics dashboards.

CocoonOPS & Networcx: Driving Operational Excellence in Freight Forwarding Together!

–> Enhanced customer insights and interactions through integrated CRM-TMS data.

–> Streamlined operations and improved efficiency across customer touchpoints.

–> Commitment to delivering a unified, exceptional customer experience.

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.
Daniel Keys Moran
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