Grow your Logistics Business with KAM & CX 360° Solution

Focus on customer centricity and transform your logistics business with Networcx’s KAM & CX 360° solution. With Networcx, provide your customers with personalized experiences that exceed their expectations and create loyalty to your business. Our robust KAM & CX 360° module offers advanced customer analytics, a customer engagement hub, a feedback-capturing system, and many more features to unlock the full potential of your logistics business.

Customer Single View

We know how important it is to have all the information about your customers at your fingertips. Networcx provides a customer single view that can displays everything from activities and opportunities, right through to performance details with ease!

Drill down depending on your assessment needs and the information available in the company. Use all the information to start your next action.

Companies that put the customer at the heart of their organization are experiencing an increase in customer lifetime value and a reduction in churn.

Customer Engagement Hub

A successful company will offer its customers a superior product or service at an excellent price - but that's just the beginning of what you need for success! You also have to manage them better so they continue coming back time after time.

Strengthen the information exchange with your key customers and use the customer engagement hub for digital interactions. Offer digital added value in you customer experience place.

Activate the customer engagement hub for your most important customers directly from your customer profile with just one click.

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

A tailor-made solution for logistics

Capture Customer Feedback

Build lasting relationships with customers who contribute the most and establish high-velocity learning loops. Adapt product and services based on feedback. Continuously listen to the voice of the customer and capture all customer data. An improved CX leads to more promoters and will drive growth and revenue.

The structured collection of customer feedback at the various customer touchpoints is elementary. Aggregate all customer experience data around your business.

Use customer feedback for your next interaction with the customer. Make sure that everyone in the company with customer touchpoints is aware of the customer’s needs.

Customer Experience 360°

Networcx is the solution for companies who want to know key customer interactions. By tracking human and digital interactions, emails, and website data, Networcx can provide insights that help you improve customer service, increase sales, and reduce costs.

Integrate and assess customer data and derive activities that add value to the customer.

Ensure that all customer-facing people understand the customer in detail, enabling them to improve the overall customer experience. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Networcx

In today’s fast-paced business environment, logistics businesses need to stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions. Networcx’s CRM provides the most powerful KAM & CX 360° solution for the logistics and freight forwarding businesses. The module is designed to help logistics businesses stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our technical expertise and cutting-edge technology. With Networcx, you can effectively adapt to changing customer needs, optimize your operations, stay on top of industry trends, and innovate and differentiate yourself in the crowded logistics market.

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