NX Mobile App

Manage your logistics sales, marketing and service processes, contacts and team collaboration from your mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.

mobile app

Work at any time, from anywhere

Create and edit sales opportunities from anywhere – whether you’re at the airport, on the train, or between client meetings. With the NX mobile app, you can easily and quickly access all contacts, leads, opportunities, documents and other relevant information. Add real-time customer information and inform your organization to create an outstanding customer experience.

Control your business with the NX Mobile App - Logistics is a dynamic business

ccess important and up-to-date information, connect with customers and prospects, and make important decisions on the go. Handle your opportunities on the go and trigger activities. Have the contact details always at hand. With the NX mobile app, you can contact your contacts at any time, even outside the office. Easily log activities, customer feedback or other business-related information.

Mobile App

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

A tailor-made solution for logistics

Mobile Application

Keep track of your activities and collaborate - the customer experience counts

Plan your workday and keep track of your activities. Always be prepared and have access to all important information even when they are on the road.
Share activities and customer insights from your client meeting with your team and inform them about progress without delay. Make sure every customer touchpoint is actively handled in a timely manner.

Keep track of all your offers to your customers - Fast and Reliable

Keep track of your submitted offers at all times. If necessary, you can easily make adjustments from the outside and share them digitally with the customer without delay. Exchange with your price/rate specialists to win additional business. High quality and fast and accurate quotes have become an important factor in freight forwarding.

The user-friendly and free mobile app from Networcx is part of NX Pro and NX All-In-One. There are no additional fees or licensing costs when purchasing one edition. 

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