Supercharge Logistics Sales and Forecasting

Networcx features powerful toolsets that are designed to easily manage your sales pipeline, track your sales activities, and analyze your sales data to identify trends and opportunities. Our intuitive dashboard provides real-time visibility into your sales performance that allows logistics businesses to make informed decisions and take action to drive growth.

Opportunity Management

No one wants to waste their time on activities that are not promising. The goal of any sales team is to focus on the right and best sales opportunities and convert the undecided ones into paying customers. By taking a systematic approach to deal with sales opportunities, your people will become more efficient and successful.

Networcx’s CRM makes it easy to track and manage sales opportunities within your logistics business. Assign and share opportunities between channels. Easily update the phase, status, and success probability to adjust your forecasts. With a clear view of all the opportunities, you can easily identify areas for improvement and close deals faster.

You’ll have a better understanding of what’s happening in your sales funnel, which will allow you to make more informed decisions about how best to move forward.

Sales Process Visibility

Getting a complete view of your sales process is no more a complicated task when you have access to Networcx’s logistics CRM. Stay on top of the sales process and manage data with a professional touch. Accurately track and manage sales pipeline information to assist in engaging prospects and customers.


The right sales process adherence and focused opportunity management can mean higher profits. Stay focused and productive by staying away from unprofitable opportunities.

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

A tailor-made solution for logistics

Collaborative Pipeline

Share opportunities and pipeline information with internal and external partners. Your sales team and other stakeholders can work seamlessly to move opportunities through the sales process more efficiently. Plan activities and collaborate throughout all opportunity phases from qualifying to implementation. 

It’s never been easier to share and track your sales opportunities with partner agents and move the needle forward on a joint pipeline.

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Forecasting Ownership and Accuracy

Take control of accurate sales forecasting by demonstrating in-depth knowledge of sales cycles from initial contact through the final closing.


Make it easy to track your forecasting with the ability for you and others to manage opportunities across channels. Update status, probability of success, or phase if necessary so that no one's forecast gets lost in translation!

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