Maximize Sales Performance and Incentive Management with logistics-focused SPM and ICM Solution

Networcx’s SPM module offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing sales performance. With our SPM module, logistics businesses can track and analyze sales data, set targets with visual tools, and motivate their teams to achieve better results. And our ICM module features compensation automation, incentive plan implementation, and gives complete visibility into sales compensation.

Planning and Target Settings

Networcx provides you with a visual goal-setting tool that helps you break down big challenges into manageable successes. Increase revenue and improve monitoring and control of your sales planning activities with an end-to-end view from customer to employee.

Performance Achievements

Measure sales performance on an on-going basis, initiating corrective actions, preparing reports, creating exceptions and approvals and reviewing achievements on agreed targets at product, customer and geography level.

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

A tailor-made solution for logistics

Performance Reviews and Appraisals

Review the performance of individual team members with up-to-date information and provide effective actions for improvement. Hold regular performance review meetings to analyze metrics and foster growth mindset in your people.

Develop People and Talents

Steer channel sales activities with appropriate KPIs and make channel performance achievements visible. Coach and provide support where additional skills and expertise is needed while keeping focus on the high performers to ensure continued momentum on growth.

Solution Tailored to the Logistics Industry

Whether you’re a small freight forwarding business or a large logistics company looking to improve your sales performance and optimize your compensation management, Networcx is the ultimate tool in your arsenal. Its SPM and ICM modules are tailored specifically to the needs of logistics businesses, with features like top-down resp. bottom-up target setting, visibility against targets on team and individual level but also geographical perspective as well data matching and automatic calculation of incentive amounts, and much more. By integrating these capabilities you can streamline the operations, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.

“Create a winning company culture by having regular and professional
performance reviews with an open exchange on facts and improvement actions.”

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