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Whether you want to quote faster, accelerate sales, simplify your processes, create full visibility on all customer touchpoints or steer your channels better, Networcx has a solution to help you grow better. From logistics user for logistics user! 


There are different editions to help you efficiently manage your marketing, sales and service. Here is an overview of each edition, so you can decide which one is best for you.

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Get total visibility into your business.

NX All-In-One is a fully integrated PRM, CRM, CPQ, TM, SPM, ICM and CX 360° application. Through an unparalleled suite of modules and functionalities, NX All-In-One is the leading-edge application that enables organizations to significantly optimize commercial effectiveness and dramatically enhance commercial performance. 


Configure, Price, Quote Networcx provides an advanced module for configuring and pricing quotations, including formats for digital customer interactions.


Customer Relationship Management Networcx is a user-friendly CRM for your logistics business. It does absolutely everything you could ask for when it comes to digitizing your business.


Sales Performance Management Networcx provides you with a goal setting and performance measurement tool that helps you turn big challenges into manageable tasks.


Incentive Compensation Management Networcx helps you manage sales channels with appropriate KPIs and rewards and make achievements and payout transparent.


Tender Management With Networcx, you can significantly improve your tender processes, including the processes before, during, and after the tender.


Partner Relationship Management With Networcx, you can quickly and easily connect with new partners, build relationships, and grow your business.

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Networcx Pro

NX Pro

NX Pro offers comprehensive features for larger companies that need to innovate and automate complex growth and processes.

Manage Complexity

Being a large company means having a wide range of technical, human and financial resources. These must be properly managed and integrated to ensure that the company remains competitive and successful.

Different products, geographic locations, sales channels, and industry focus must be fully aligned and integrated.

Communication with prospects and customers must be optimized in terms of content quality, social media management, and web integration.

NX Pro helps large companies manage more complex operations and processes and achieve a well-synchronized flow of commercial activities and data.


Everything you need to grow and to steer your channels and people

CHF 69

Month / Minimum 5 Users


Be one step ahead of competition. Make use of our all-in-one solution

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Do you want to achieve commercial excellence?

Networcx offers an integrated approach based on a comprehensive range of modules with a common data model and a variety of premium add-ons and services. This enables companies to increase their digital capabilities from one day to the next and generate long-term sustainable benefits for all their commercial operations.

The technical approach is far ahead of most standard CRM solutions due to its clean architecture and development approach. The system is based on state-of-the-art technology standards and an open API architecture for easy integration, usage, and collaboration.

Empower Partners

With NX All-In-One, you can engage your partners in your business development activities and achieve more. When you join the networcx, you can start sharing CRM data with your partners to achieve more for sales and customers together.

Empower Employees

With NX All-In-One, you inevitably get your employees to engage more intensively and consistently with your customers. This is done through appropriate goals, performance reviews  and rewarding incentives.

Empower Customers

With NX All-In-One, you can provide your customers with the service and information they need to be successful. Customers need prepared contacts and qualified information to make informed decisions about their business and their own customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the commonly asked questions about our pricing plans below. You are welcome to get in touch with us if you want to know more about Networcx.

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Yes, Networcx provides a complete CRM system. The CRM functionalities are embedded in all available editions. On the top is our CRM fully customized for the logistics industry that you can start instantly.

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Editions and add-ons can be changed anytime. All data and insights will remain and can be enriched with the additional available functionalities.

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Networcx Pro can be a great fit for small-/mid sized companies who like to become more digital. Next to the available CRM and Partner Management tool you can use the powerful Quotation Tool as well the various Analytics functionalities.

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If you want to actively manage all customer touch points along the entire sales process, our “all-in-one” solution is optimal. You have all the data in one place and can also carry out topics such as goal setting, measurement and incentivization in one system. This also helps you to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership.

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Yes, Networcx provides a user-friendly mobile app which is fully integrated with NX Pro and NX All-In-One. And this at no additional cost. We want to provide your people with fast access from anywhere.

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The Networcx mobile app provides another platform for accessing the content entered in the web application and will be available to users free of charge. Your people should be able to access NX from any location to focus on active selling.

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Service and Care
Service Cases ✔︎ ✔︎
BIM/Ops Handover* ✔︎ ✔︎
Digital Service Case + Customer Interaction Portal ✔︎
Claims Management ✔︎
Project Management ✔︎
Advanced Service Management ✔︎
Web-to-Service ✔︎
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Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)
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Quotation Pricing Template ✔︎
Quotation Digital Template + Customer Interaction Portal ✔︎
Quotation Maintenance (Mass Revisions) ✔︎
Rates and Chargers ✔︎
Pricing Configuration ✔︎
Rates Analytics ✔︎
Tender Management
Tender Opportunity Management ✔︎
Tender Data Import  ✔︎
Tender Pricing ✔︎
Tender Project Management ✔︎
Customer Experience 360° (CX360°)
Customer Interaction Portal ✔︎
Customer Sentiment ✔︎
Customer Single View ✔︎
Customer Engagement Hub ✔︎
Customer Journey Builder ✔︎
Sales Performance Management (SPM)
Planning & Target Setting ✔︎
Performance Details Data ✔︎
Performance Achievements ✔︎
Performance exceptions and approvals ✔︎
Incentive and Compensation Management (ICM)
Incentive Plans ✔︎
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Service Standard Reports ✔︎
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24x7 Support ✔︎
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