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4 Ways Freight Forwarders/Logistic Companies Can Improve Sales in 2023

Freight forwarding is a necessity in our fast-paced world. However, as the demand for this service increases, so does the supply.

Competing with other freight forwarders requires offering unique value and being customer focused. Differentiation in competition is necessary to prove your value. 

Especially in the current difficult situation, finding the right levers for long-term growth is crucial.

How can Digitization help Freight Forwarding?

In the last two years, the logistics industry faced several problems. When the covid-19 pandemic hit, sending things from one place to another became almost impossible. It seemed like there was no getting back to how things were.

New technological innovations have demonstrated that technology can change the future of freight forwarders. It is an enabler and will continue to be used in the future. 

Technology greatly benefits freight forwarders and the transport industry. Technology offers a good opportunity to gradually improve and optimize operations and adapt them to changing customer needs. Technology provides great opportunities to freight forwarders when they use it correctly.

  • A chance to do away with administrative duties: Administrative duties like document management can be digitized. That enables all data to be accessed more quickly and from various locations at all times.
  • Business can be understood better using analytics: Analytical technology allows forwarders to make very effective choices. Throughout the year, they have access to check how the company is progressing. Prior to this, you could only make changes annually after looking at the statistics.
  • Integrated systems are more efficient: Using an integrated system is better than operating out of separate systems. This helps forwarders streamline their work by providing data to all the team members and customers when needed.
  • Enhancing the customer experience: Using automated technology can help digital freight forwarders. It will provide them visibility to improve their customer experience and satisfaction. This will enable them to have continued partnerships. 

Technology helps to expand globally and gain profits. In terms of predictive analysis and network mapping, it aids in better decision-making. Freight forwarders need to utilize technology efficiently if they wish to create faster and better processes for their customer and network partners.

Why is it necessary to Digitalize?

With respect to freight forwarding, digitalization is unavoidable in today’s world. Doing tasks physically wastes so much time. Automating things can speed up the process and reduce the pressure on staff. You must consider digitizing your freight forwarding sales and service process because:

  • Respond to individual customer needs: When you use digital tools, it makes communicating with customers, colleagues, and partners almost an instant process. This helps them feel like you are there to help them when they need it. You can provide them with solutions, address their issues and answer their questions quickly.
  • Speed for quotation requests: Customers no longer have to contact various companies or shippers to get their goods shipped. They can get the quotations with the click of a few buttons. An application will have to be filled out, after which they will get access to a transparent pricing system. If required, they can further negotiate the cost. 
  • Time and cost efficiency: The use of human resources can be optimized by automating back-office operations such as emails or making calls to track freight. With digitalization, time efficiency increases significantly as well as the accuracy of information because you and your team will be able to access various data through digital platforms. 

Top 4 Ways Freight Forwarders/Logistic Companies Can Improve their Sales

Boosting sales is essential for all businesses. After Covid-19 put a halt to production and shipping, many companies have had to struggle to get back to how they functioned pre-pandemic. Along with the after-effects of the pandemic, there have been weather and political changes, new trade deals, and container capacity problems.

Today, freight forwarding providers have to deal with an ocean of issues due to changing customer behavior, new technology, and digital competitors. Networcx is a logistics sales and marketing digitalization software that can assist in boosting sales in the following ways.

Building Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships are the key to your organization’s growth. You have to manage them effectively and efficiently. When this is done right, along with technology, you can connect to your customers, improve business performance and grow your company fast.

Without a good CRM system, converting leads to sales is almost impossible. Connecting marketing tools like social media and emails to a CRM platform will help the sales and marketing department view leads and prospects that they can target.

It gives you a chance to prioritize leads and opportunities that are more likely to convert as you know which customers are actively engaged. You can build a strong relationship with customers by discussing their history and gaining their trust. That will aid in sustaining a long-term relationship.

Building a Sales Pipeline

Though every organization has different goals and procedures, the sales leader is in charge of finding sales leads and closing the deal. The company’s revenue depends on proper lead generation. This has to be done strategically by being proactive.

Sales managers and salespeople have to find ways to tackle the competition and get ahead of others. A transformation to the utilization of technology will help companies to make decisions that aren’t based on guesswork. By gathering data and using analytics, there is a more accurate picture of how to maximize growth.

At every stage of the pipeline, you must take a strategic approach. Begin by fine-tuning leads, putting prospect ideas to action, and then maintaining them using data analytics. To fill your pipeline, you have to use each stage to measure KPIs.

Sales opportunity management

Once you have got leads, converting them to sales is the challenge. Sales opportunity management helps track the prospect’s movement through the sales process and offers them the support to convert them to paying customers.

This can only be done using the right opportunity management tools and techniques. If you have an excellent opportunity management system with well-defined milestones, you will be able to guide prospects through the sales process.

You can maximize your earning potential and make the most out of all your leads by effectively managing sales opportunities. You need to implement the right opportunity management technology to transform sales outcomes.

Automation can drive productivity

Automation can help by streamlining a company’s activities, which allows them to focus on revenue-generating tasks. This is the most effective way to improve the productivity of the team.

On a daily basis, sales reps have to perform administrative tasks, attend meetings, research, prospect, plan, and train. Sales automation will cover all the default activities. But there will always be the need for human touch. That’s why it makes sense to automate repetitive administrative tasks so your people can focus on their core business and growth. 

Sales process automation offers several benefits, but you have to do it right. Getting help from trained professionals can help. You have to select tools, plan actions and follow a well-thought-out strategy.

Customer Portal improves customer satisfaction

A customer portal is a great asset for your business because it allows customers to have access to a deeper level of your ecosystem. By bringing customers deeper into your ecosystem, they are more likely to remain customers in the long term. This can bring recurrent revenue.

Not to mention a customer portal increases customer engagement and satisfaction while reducing customer supports cost.

Networcx provides a customer portal as a part of the complete solution. This tool would be a great way to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Here you can exchange documents and quotations, chat with customers, and collect feedback on your services. This helps to speed up and automate processes and provides visibility into your data and reports.

How can we help?

We have been working in the forwarding and logistics industry for more than 20 years. Therefore, we know the challenges of the industry, but also of the individual employees and the interaction between sales, products (transport modes), and operations. We understand the forwarding process exactly because we have executed them ourselves on a daily basis. Our experts can understand your problems and develop solutions that can add value to your customers, employees, and partners. 

Networcx solution has experienced staff that can also aid you with the following:

  • Setting up a way to control all the different customer touchpoints from one system
  • Connecting all customer data to have a clear overview (CX 360)
  • Digitalization of sales processes in the freight forwarding and logistics industry
  • Increasing productivity by automating repetitive and administrative tasks. Let the people focus on their core activities and give them all information about the customer (360)
  • Reduction of costs (TCO) thanks to a comprehensive industry focused solution with less or no customization efforts and additional costs

We specialize in this field and have knowledge of digitalization, systems integration, commercial excellence, CRM, and customer experience. Industry knowledge and sales go hand in hand.

Industry knowledge is essential to understanding companies, their daily tasks, their competition, and what needs to be done to gain an advantage. 

Knowing the customer’s business but also the different stakeholders, you also know what their message, goal, strategy, and product value are.

Boost your Logistic Company Sales with Networcx

It is time to begin planning to cover risks and boost sales associated with freight forwarders. There are several challenges to get past, but our company is here to help. We have experienced specialists at your service.

Understanding how global risks can cause havoc in the logistics sector is essential as finding a way to get past what may happen in the future. Getting help with improving your sales might be a necessity after the pandemic. You must take action by selecting tools, planning actions, and following a strategy.

Digital technology is here for the long run and will certainly grow in the future. It has proved to be an efficient resource that can aid in multiple ways like predictive analysis, automating sales, enhancing customer experience, integrating systems, and digitally managing documents. These are all done around the globe, which shows the necessity to utilize them.  

Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service

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